The Heatmap Dashboard

Once you have logged into your TruConversion account, the vertical right menu bar will show you your toolkit:

Clicking on Heatmaps will bring you to the Heatmap Dashboard:

From the Dashboard you can:

  • See all your heatmaps: active and archived
  • Remember If you are planning to make any kind of changes in you site, its better to download the heatmap reports then archive them to keep the record because our heatmap reporting use live site to overlay visitor data for the user.

  • See some basic information for all heatmaps: status, name, pageviews, timing
  • Create new heatmaps
  • Edit, duplicate, archive or delete microsurvey.
  • edit-archive

    Please Remember: Once deleted any campaign, you will lose all associated data and will not be able to recover it. TruConvesion will immediately delete all the data from its data server.
  • See heatmap reports by clicking on View Report

When you have single heatmap plan, if you want to change the existing heatmap or new heatmap campaign then you need to delete or archive the existing one.