What are Funnel Analytics?

Funnel Analytics illustrate the journey of a visitor through a series of pages while navigating a website. Conversion occurs when the visitor has passed through all the stages of the funnel.

A funnel helps track and assess where visitors are falling out in a sales process, which can be set up as a funnel with the help of this tool. Hence a simple sales process which may start from the home page, may include the packages page as the second step, the payments page as the third, and the checkout page as the fourth step:

Homepage ->Packages ->Payments ->Checkout

This sales process is one funnel and could have multiple variations. The success of any of these variations will lead to conversion. Among these steps, if any step is identified to lose visitors (visitors falling out/not proceeding to the next step of the sales process), it can be improved for better conversion.

The easiest way to go about this is to have a funnel for each goal on your website, and keep improving it based on the results of the funnel report.

Funnel Analytics can be helpful tools to assess individual as well as collective sales process performance.

Here is what a typical TruConversion funnel looks like:


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