Subdomain/Cross domain feature for all tools

Cross-Domain Tracking

TruConverion has launched a new feature which gives you the flexibility to measure and track subdomains as well as cross domains. This means that as long as the same Tracking Code is installed on each of the domains / subdomains you want to track TruConversion tracking will work as expected.

Remember: Every domain has its unique Tracking Code provided by the TruConversion. So the URL of the pages in campaigns (which may be cross domain pages) under any domain must have the same domain Tracking Code.

For example If one user is creating a campaign in (domain) then all the Pages URL’s (including cross domain/subdomain) in the campaign should have the same Tracking code of the (domain).

Individual Domain Tracking

Create a new site from the Account & Website page for every domain you wish to track separately. When you do this, you will be provided with a unique Tracking Code per site you need to install on the different domains.