How can TruConversion help increase conversions?

TruConversion helps you customize your website or mobile application to better serve the needs of your customer. With its analytics and feedback tools TruConversion promises you better return on your website or application investment. It analyses customer journeys and collects feedback from them to improve your website. So much, that your leads are converted into customers, and your customers are delighted by easily acquiring the information they seek.

With the toolkit TruConversion offers, you can easily do the following:

  • Conduct a comparison of the taps and clicks before and after making changes to the website or application
  • Know which areas of the page visitors are attracted to the most
  • Know how attractive your call -to-action pages/buttons/forms are
  • Obtain feedback directly from the customers
  • Learn how customers respond to shorter or longer pages
  • Develop an understanding of what works or not.
  • Identify distracting and confusing elements in the content that must be removed
  • Uncover UX issues that frustrate the visitors
  • Collect valuable testimonials from visitors
  • Improvise navigation, and test it for conversion
  • Discover where your visitors are dropping off from your website or application
  • Reveal your visitors’ pattern of reading a page
  • Confirm your hypothesis before creating new elements

These are just a few. Here is a guide to getting started now: