Steps in a Funnel Analytics

Steps in a funnel indicate steps in your sales process. Every step will be a page on your website. TruConversion let you add multiple Page URL in single steps.
Here is an example to explain:

Lets say you have the following funnel set up:

These steps must be completed in the sequence described – in a sequential manner. Conversion will occur as long as the funnel is completed.

However, if “Immediately followed by”  is used and a additional step is navigated by user or by an automation, the conversion won’t happen, for example:

P1 > Px > P2 >P3 > P4 (Funnel drop shows at step P1 since step P3 was not immediately followed by P1)

Missing a step

P1 > P2 > P4 (Funnel drop shows at step P2 since step P3 was never visited)
P1 > P3 > P2 (Funnel drop shows at step P1 since step P2 is not in same sequence)
P2 > P4 > P3 (Visitor session not even counted since step P1 should be the first page to start)

Steps comparison allows “Immediately Followed by” and “Followed by” between steps, this means, visitors have to visit all those pages in the same sequence. “Immediately followed by” further restrict the path and doesn’t allow user  or an automation to add a step, however “Followed by” give flexibility that user or an automation can add a step and subsequently remaining funnel steps can be completed, and this will be marked as conversion.

*Session length is set to 60 minutes in TruConversion.

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