Data Safety, Privacy & Security

The data of and from your website is safe with TruConversion. We understand the value of data and its privacy, and provide you with the latest security and privacy technology to protect it.

  • All data collected from your website or application is stored using the AWS infrastructure either on S3, RDS or Redshift with any combination.
  • The database containing your data is only accessible from the application servers.
  • All personal information, as per the rules of the country the application is functioning in, is kept private. TruConversion utilizes unique identifiers to keep track of returning visitors without revealing prohibited information.
  • At our company, only engineers that require data to accurately perform their job, are given access to user data. This access is also restricted by rights depending upon what part is required by the person in question.
  • When recording data in Session Recordings, TruConversion automatically screens strokes on password fields and entries which resemble credit card information.
  • TruConversion does not utilize the data collected in any form or way unless consent is officially given by the admin of the TruConversion account, for the particular data in question.
  • Firewalls expose only the necessary ports through the internet and between different servers. IPS software blocks access for any suspicious login activity.
  • Data transferred is only encrypted if the website uses HTTPS; hence using website with HTTPS is recommended.
  • TruConversion replicates data for safety in case of system failure. Database backups are done every day, stored on AWS S3, and kept for seven days as an electronic copy.
    Note: This does not apply to Visitor Recordings