How do visitor recordings work?

When you are actively recording visitors, the TruConversion script initiates a websocket connection which sends the following information to the TruConversion servers:

  • HTML changes that happen while your visitor uses your pages;
  • Mouse movements;
  • Mouse clicks;
  • Scroll movements;
  • Key strokes (if you tick Record key stroke data on this site);
  • Browser viewport size changes.

Each event tracked is saved into our cloud database using a time stamp which is later used to replay back the events in the TruConversion player in sequential order. The TruConversion script will also track your visitor on different pages (using a first-party cookie), enabling you to later play back the entire session in a single recording – even if the visitor visited multiple pages

TruConversion can record both static and dynamic pages (including shopping carts and logged in areas). By default, TruConversion will not record passwords and numbers which resemble credit card numbers.