How do Customer Surveys work?

Customer Surveys allow you to ask unlimited questions from your customer.

Customer Surveys give you the insights you need to make better decisions. In fact, the businesses who measure customer satisfaction are 33% more likely to describe themselves as successful than those who don’t.

You can also invite your website users to fill in a survey by presenting them a survey invitation.

You can add a survey invitation at any specific website page/pages and can trigger it on the behavior of the user, such as when a user is about to exit the page.

Survey Invitation

If you are inviting your website user to fill in a survey then the survey invitation will appear like this.

1: Yes, I want to take the survey
By clicking the button, the popup will close and a new tab will open in your visitor’s browser with the survey page.

2 and 3: close the popup and do not participate
Not all your visitors will be interested in taking part in the survey. Therefore, they are given the option to close the survey invitation to avoid the distraction.

Customer Survey Page

The Customer Surveys page will be like this. All of your questions will be displayed on the same page with a “Submit Button”

Types of questions you can ask participants.

TruConversion Customer Surveys supports 5 types of questions:

  1. Radio buttons (with freeform comments)
  2. Checkboxes (with freeform comments)
  3. Long text answers
  4. Short text answers
  5. Date
  6. Net Promoter Score.
  7. Rate Us

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