Learn how to find the element css selector to track in Smart Funnels

Tracks how many visitors clicked on an HTML element on a webpage. You can track clicks on menus, navigation bars, videos, images, and other elements using this goal type. To track an element, you will need to specify the exact CSS selector path for the element in the webpage DOM.

Use CSS Selector to find that element from the screenshot. Following are the steps to find CSS selector:

1. Find the elements you want to TRACK:


Right click on the elements you want to track in the screenshot and click on Inspect Element.

2. Open development panel and Copy CSS Selector:

When you click Inspect Element, the development panel will open and show you the element you have selected. By clicking the elements will highlight the exact part of the site you want to track. Once you’ve selected the right line, simply right-click and click on Copy CSS Selector.

3. Add elements for Tracking

While creating smart funnel paste this copied “CSS Path” in field of “ENTER CSS SELECTOR”. You can use comma to paste multiple CSS Selectors.


Now TruConversion will track these elements in smart funnel reporting.

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