Why is my Tracking code inactive?

If after installing the Tracking Code provided, TruConversion continues to report as being inactive, there are a few reasons and things you can check to begin to correct this.

Your tracking code may be inactive for the following reasons:

  • No visitor has been tracked in the past hour: TruConversion verifies tracking as being “active” if it detects at least one visit at site. Therefore if you have just launched your site there may not be enough traffic yet at active. If you did not block your IP in your account and you do not have DO NOT TRACK enables in your browser, you could browse the pages of your site to tigger the activation. Please remember that once it is installed correctly you don’t need to wait for activation but can start using TruConversion features.
  • You have entered it in the wrong section of your page HTML: For the best use of tracking code paste it right before the
  • You have not pasted the complete code: Please ensure that the copy of the tracking code that is pasted in your site directly matches the one provided in your TruConversion account. Do not paste the code in word processors and other text editing programs before pasting on your site as these programs tend to automatically alter the content of the code for styling.
  • You are not installing it on the right website, if you are using multiple websites: If you maintain multiple sites in your account, ensure you’re using the correct tracking code for the designated website.
  • Major website redesign: You just completed a major website redesign. If sometime after installing the tracking code your website undergoes a major design change where themes and template files are replaced or content in your tags or anywhere else the tracking code is installed are replaced, you will need to re-install the tracking code.