What are the Pageviews?

Pageviews are the count that how many pages of your website are viewed by the visitor.

How many Pageviews offered by TruConversion?

TruConversion offers three pricing plans each plan is limited to Pageviews.

  • Basic Plan includes 110,000/month Pageviews.
  • Plus Plan includes 275,000/month Pageviews.
  • Pro Plan includes 550,000/month Pageviews.

Go for annual subscription and get 2 month Free with 10% more Pageviews in each plan.
*pageview allowance shown above based on annual subscription

How TruConversion calculates Pageview count?

In TruConversion Pageviews counts website level not tool level.

For example: You have 1 campaign in Heatmap, 1 in Recording, 1 in Form, 1 in Funnel, 1 in Microsurvey, and 1 in Survey. Each campaign is tracking visitor on Home page. Now a visitor arrives at home page, all the campaigns will track the activity on Home page but TruConversion counts this visit only 1 Pageview not 6 Pageviews.

Note: TruConversion reduce only tested Pageviews form your total Pageivews. Means untill unless there is campaign running then the Pageviews of visitor will be counted otherwise nothing will be deducted from your total Pageviews count.