TruConversion Connect is available in Magento. Now Magento users can observe and analyze their visitor behavior by using TruConversion tools.

There are two main steps to get TruConversion works in Magento:


How its works

After login to your Magento account, follow these simple steps:

    • Go to Magento Marketplace and search TruConversion Connect, Add TruConversion Connect to your cart and purchase it.

    • After purchase TruConversion Connect, now go to Magento dashboard and find SYSTEM from the left panel and click on WEB SETUP WIZARD.


    • Click on Install link.

    • No go to STORE from left panel of the dashboard and click on CONFIGURATION.

    • Configuration page will appear, click on TruConversion Connect from left and Choose yes from Enabled (store view) and add website ID (which you will get from TruConversion).

  • Thats it. Go to TruConversion account create campaigns and observe your visitor behavior by using various Tools in TruConversion.