Product Changelog

Updated: 07 June 2021

This roadmap highlights the features & improvements planned for TruConvesion. Priorities can change as we face new challenges.

At TruConversion we are committed to executing iterative and rapid improvements based on our vision of TruConversion and feedback from our users and customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas and feedback.

Product Future Plans:

  • Facebook & Google Ad Integration:  (FUTURE) Q3 2021Pull in campaign level numbers into your TruConversion account to get simple and accurate insights into what matters most ROAS.


Completed Projects & Improvements:

Q2 -2021

Smart Funnels Branching

  • New feature for more advanced funnels. You’ll be able to easily track split tests, upsells, & downsells with the branching feature.
  • Smart Funnels Goal Value: Adding a total value to each funnel so you can get an accurate revenue view at a glance.

Q4 -2020

  • The new Smart Funnels feature is designed for you to visually track and map your funnel.
  • Visual Element Selector: When selecting a goal by element in Smart Funnels, you can now load your site and select the elements without having to know the Element Class.

Q1 -2018

  • Improvement in Custom Branding feature updates
  • Improved Heatmap V3 (Public Access)
  • Smart Funnel – Multiple Forms selection in a goal
  • Smart Funnel improvements
  • Heatmap Reporting with Scrap Page
  • IP Filter in Recording, Survey & Customer Survey

Q4 -2017

  • Custom Branding
  • Agency Plans

Q3 -2017

  • Improved processing back-end jobs
  • Process trend request in queue (process request one by one)
  • Send a mail to notify the user who requested for the report.
  • Trend Report Improvements
  • Buy More Pageviews
  • Recording Triggers
  • Track Single Page Apps
  • Trend report: button UI changes
  • Trend Report: User count on each segment

Q2 -2017

  • Download CSV in microsurvey, survey, conversion funnel and form analytics.
  • Funnel – Conversion baseline to trigger Heatmap & Recording
  • Back-end Enhancement & Improvement

Q1 -2017

  • Campaigns Cloning option in all tools
  • Cross Domain Feature
  • WP Plugin – Cross domain feature functionality
  • Trim trailing slashed from tool urls
  • Conversion Funnel V2 (Branching & JS Trigger)
  • Dashboard Notification


  • Push Scroll Reach event to GA
  • Improved App performance issue
  • Advanced heatmap segmentation
  • Add sorting against column name in Detail reporting
  • Report Filters | Add “OR” Criteria
  • Timezone for each domain and all reports should report in selected timezone
  • Basic Analytics: add clean url for page specific stats
  • Basic Analytics: Country, OS & Browser Grouping
  • Event Recording Count
  • Session Timeout Issue
  • Make conversion funnel matching criteria flexible
  • Salesforce Integration for Opt-in
  • Shopify Integration
  • Exclude IP
  • Improvement in Client JS load time optimization
  • Recordings – Tag Recording Feature
  • Recordings – Skip Pauses and Player Speed (1x, 2x and 4x)
  • Recordings – Event Based Recording
  • Heatmap – Click Map report
  • Scrollmap Fold and Fold Reach – Heatmap Improvement
  • Compare Heatmap Feature
  • Basic Analytics – (Pageviews, sessions, users)
  • Share Reports of all tools (Heatmap, Recording, Forms, Funnels, Microsurvey, Customer Survey)
  • Customer Survey – Invitation launch options – (Top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, center)
  • Production server – NodeJS upgraded to latest version
  • Recording Report – Geolocation information on playback