Installing TruConversion on Templates


For websites that use Smarty template engine such as WHMCS and Prestashop you need to make sure that the tracking code is wrapped within {Literal Tags} while installing TruConversion. If you don’t add the tracking code within {Literal Tags}, the rendered page will “break” and the content in the header section of the website will be missing such as stylesheets, JavaScripts and other resources.

By pasting the JavaScript inside the {literal}{/literal} tags, you can insert the tracking code directly into a  template file (usually header.tpl)template.


  • This tracking code will be unique for every new site you add. If you make any major changes or modifications on your website after installing the TruConversion tracking code , make sure to copy paste the tracking code again on the head tag because this code must be accessible by TruConversion server in order to track visitor activities.
  • After making changes on the site, make sure that you have installed TruConversion correctly by clicking on “VERIFY INSTALLATION”.