How do Microsurveys work?

Microsurveys allow you to ask brief questions from your visitors. These are feedback instruments that can help you get quick answers to your queries concerning visitor behavior on your website.

The questions asked through microsurveys can be specific to the website pages, and behavior of the user, such as asking a question after the user has been on the page for a certain time.

Microsurveys are helpful in providing insights about why a visitor behaves or may behave in a particular manner. This insight can in turn help you improve user experience on your website.

When you set up a microsurvey to appear on your site, your visitors are shown the questions in a widget which appears at the bottom of the page:


Your visitors have two options at this point:

Close the microsurvey

Not all your visitors will be interested in answering the questions in the microsurvey. Therefore, they are given the option to close the microsurvey to avoid distraction.


Answer the question

You can ask a single question with a microsurvey or ask multiple questions within the same microsurvey in sequential order (the order you sort them in). Your visitors can answer up until any question they like. The data is sent to the TruConversion servers every time a question is answered to maximize the amount of replies you receive – the visitor does not need to answer all the questions in the microsurvey to have the responses recorded. But the user must hit Send.


Note that the microsurvey will appear to recurring visitors depending upon your configuration. You can configure your microsurvey to:

  • Appear to all visitors, regardless of being filled before, everytime the page is loaded
  • Appear once to every visitor
  • Appear only if the user has not provided a response


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