How to add Tags into Recordings

Associating tags to your Recordings allows you to note specific actions, like CTA clicks, sign-ups, or user states. Once Recordings have been tagged you can then filter by those tags in your Recordings dashboard.

There are two steps to use this code:

  1. Javascript code for adding tag
  2. See the Tags into Recording Dashboard
  1. Javascript code for adding tag

    Add the following snippet into any event you wish to send using JavaScript code:

  2. _tip.push(['_trackSrTags','Enter-you-tag-here']);

    Please replace the “Enter-you-tag-here” with tags that visitor will be assigned. We can’t write it because we don’t know what language you use or how you name your variables.

  3. View Tag in the Recording Dashboard

    Click view report from session recording campaign and found the tags column at the dashboard. You can filter out videos using tag from page filter.