How do I downgrade my account?

TruConversion lets you choose among three packages which are most suited to your business.

At any time you can upgrade or downgrade your packages. To downgrade your package:

  1. Click on Plans and Billing in the Settings dropdown
  2. plan-billing

  3. Click on Compare Plan
  4. Choose your package plan. Each plan has “Veiw All Feature” link in its bottom. When you click on it, a new browser tab with pricing details will appear and there you can see details of what features are available in each plan. Click on “Downgrade” button and confirm your choice.
  5. Enter your payment details. In case you have already provided the payment details this screen will not appear. Only success message will appear.
  6. payment-details

    After clicking “Update Payment Details”, follow the instructions and provided that your credit card information is correct, your downgrade should be successful.