Form Restrictions / Limitations

The list below highlights the most common Form issues and their causes:

  • Unable to locate form
  • Not tracking all the data

Unable to locate form:

TruConversion does not support multiple forms on the same page. Only one form can be added in TruConversion Form Analytics. Here are some other reasons:

  • Session Based: Form page is on a session-based page such as a checkout page.
  • Form Tag: Form elements are not inside a <form> tag.
  • Login Page: TruConversion form analytics does not support forms behind login pages.
  • Using Iframe: Form placed in the iframe. For example, if you are using a third party form service which adds the form to your page within an iframe.
  • Loading through AJAX: Your form is not part of the original HTML code, and/or loaded through AJAX
  • HTML Code: Form is not part of the original HTML code. The form won’t be detected if it’s added at a later stage through JavaScript.

Not tracking all the data:

After activating and passing few hour, if there are not data or incomplete data than following are the causes:

Wrong Form:

If the page you targeted has multiple forms and you picked the wrong one.

Form Submission:

If TruConversion shows interactions but not tracking form submissions, this means that TruConversion isn’t able to detect submissions. In this case, use Event for Form Submission to handle form submits.

Other Tools:

If there is a difference of visitor count with other tools, then may be that TruConversion isn’t tracking all visitors. See more about Does TruConversion Tracks All Visitor?

JavaScript Plugins:
If the form fields change dynamically then TruConversion will not be able to track data correctly.

If you’ve verified the above reasons list and your form still isn’t working, Please use the intercom to get in touch with us and we’ll investigate the issues you’re facing.