Designing the Microsurvey

While creating a microsurvey, you can choose to customize its design:


Once you click on Customize Microsurvey Design, you will be taken to design the Microsurvey on your site:


From here you can choose to:

  • Select position for Microsurvey


  • Choose theme for Microsurvey or customize Microsurvey accroding to your website color & theme.


  • Add/Hide logo on Microsurvey. User can hide TruConversion logo and can load his own company logo.
    By Selecting:
    Use TruConversion Logo: The TruConversion branding will appear for visitors.
    Hide TruConversion Logo: The TruConversion branding will not appear for visitors.
    Upload a Custom Logo: By this you can upload your logo. This logo will appear along with TruConversion branding for visitors.

    (This branding Microsurvey feature is available for PRO Plan users only.)

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