Verification of code installation

TruConversion checks if your code is installed properly, so that you may experience seamless tracking.

Once you have installed the code, click on ‘Verify Installation’ button, it will open your website in a new window.

If the code is installed properly then within a few seconds you will get following confirmation message or if the code is not installed/properly installed then there will be no message.


How to check in Google Chrome:

  • Click your options icon at the top right then hover ‘More Tools’ then select ‘Developer Tools’
  • Select the ‘Network’ tab
  • Type ‘TruConversion’ in the ‘Filter’ field to ensure that only TruConversion’s requests are shown
  • Browse to your website or refresh your page if already there

How to check in Firefox:

  • Click ‘Tools’ in your browser menu then hover ‘Web Developer’ and select ‘Network’
  • Reload or browse to your website
  • Type ‘TruConversion’ in the search field at the bottom of the developer window

How to check in Safari:

  • Select ‘Develop’ then select ‘Open Web Inspector’
  • Select the ‘Network’ tab and reload or browse to your website
  • Ensure that ‘All Resources’ is selected
  • Type ‘TruConversion’ in the search field at the bottom of the developer window

Once the page is loaded you should see requests that appear similar to below. You will see your unique Site ID among the requests instead of the example shown below:

This is what shows in the Chrome Network tab when the Tracking Code is properly installed.

Important: TruConversion supports sub/cross domain feature so that you may use your single code on multiple page. Enter different URL where you have installed the code to Verify Installation.