How “Select Page Element” works under Smart Funnel Goal

Select Page Element is a revolutionary feature from TruConversion. This option is only availble with “Simple” & “Exact” match page URL. This feature enables you to “Select Page Element” visually for the Smart Funnel step goal “Click to Select Page Element”, any of this selected Element(s) is click by the visitor, this will be counted under the step goal.

How Do “Select Page Element” Work?

This feature is available under step goal “Click to Select Page Element(s)” in Smart Funnel.

To Select Page Element follow these steps:

  • First give step name a name.
  • Enter page URL and choose goal “Tracks Clicks on Element(s)”.
  • Click on “Click to Record Specific Events” button (you can add multiple URL, and choose events on each URL).
  • Given URL page appear on your screen.
  • Click on any Element to select and assign unique designator, you can choose as many Elements as you wish.
  • After selecting elements, click on “Save and Finish” button on top of page.
  • It will take you back to your SmartFunnel creations.


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