Is TruConversion track/records complete visitor activity on the website?

You can track as many pages as you want but generally recommend against.

Becuase it’s best to avoid a “data dump”

We made an intentional decision to require users to gather data at the campaign level rather than all at once for two very important reasons:

  1. If you are gathering all of the data, you are really gathering no data. All the real insights you could potentially find will be lost among lots of other useless data points.

2) When you’re gathering data you want to use it to answer specific questions. If, for example, you’re recording all pages you’ll be wasting monthly pageview allowances on unnecessary recordings and making it more difficult for you to find answers to your questions using customer behavior data.

If you REALLY want to record all pages because you’re lost and don’t know where to start (still we don’t recommend this) you can use the page targeting rule ‘contains’ and just use your domain.