Does Truconversion track all visitors?

TruConversion tries it’s level best to track all visitors coming to your site. However, there are several situations where TruConversion will not be able to record the visitor sessions on your site such as:

  1. Visitors not included in the sample by TruConversion.
  2. Visitors who are not using one of the supported browsers.
  3. Visitors with disabled Javascripts.
  4. Visitors who have enabled “Do not Track” header in their browser.
  5. Visitors who have disabled cookies.
  6. Visitors using Private mode in Safari (localeStorage and sessionStorage not available);
  7. Visitors who run browser plugins such as Ghostery, uBlock or Adblock which explicitly excludes them from loading tracking scripts such as ours;
  8. If visitors do not perform any activity on the site and leave the site immediately after landing on it.